How to choose the right Gym wear for your Bodyshape


So lets face it ladies, you have mustered up every last ounce of strength to drag yourself out of your comfy bed to go to your MK Trainer class and the last thing you want is to feel bad when you put your workout gear on. Talking from personal experience, you are always more likely to go if you feel more confident in your workout attire. We are here to help ensure that it’s the right one!

So here are a few quick easy tips to help you choose the right shape outfit to make you feel more confident, look great and get set for your workout.

Traditional Pear Shape

Most “pear shape’ ladies tend to have a smaller torso and curves on the bottom.

  • Choose a brightly coloured top to emphasise your top
  • Full length Dark plain bottoms (Navy/Black/Grey) to minimise your bottom half.
  • Avoid any patterns on your bottom.
  • V Neck work out tops are always going to be the most flattering so scan the shops or online stores for V necks.
  • Bootcut trousers are your best friend.
  • Look for the funky trousers with skirts over the top of them.
  • Keep your trainers the same colour as your trousers to elongate the body

Traditional Athletic Shape

If you have straight narrow hips and a slim torso:

  • Play around with lots of different shapes and colours.
  • Look for patterns that are on your hips and chest to add shape to these areas.
  • Team a coloured bra with a different coloured vest
  • Wear different colour tops to your trousers to create detail and shape
  • Avoid straight lines as you want to create curves. Think round necklines and patterns


Traditional Apple Shape (Or if you have recently had a baby)

If you have a curvy tummy or upper arms, focus on your amazing legs!

  • Invest in some brightly coloured patterned (if you dare!) trousers and dark plain tops.
  • Avoid baggy bootcut trousers.
  • Look for fold over waist bands – You can then control where the waist band sits for comfort and maximum confidence.
  • Look for gym tops that have a little gathering of material at the waist or gathering at the sides.
  • Focus on the fabrics – Stay clear of the really tight lycra and if necessary buy a size bigger to give you more comfort. Cut the size label out and you won’t even know!

We offer an ‘Online Personal Shopping experience’ where we find all the right outfits for you to suit your body shape and email you a link to click and shop from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested, please contact us to find out more.

Any questions, please post them below – We are happy to help with your Style dilemmas.

Catherine x

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