How to Find your Style – Feel Comfortable & Confident in your clothes

How do you find your style?

“Fashion says ‘me too’, Style says ‘only me’ ” – Lynn Dell


Many women struggle to find a style that is right for their lifestyle, their age and their body shape. Why do we find it so hard? We we are too heavily influenced by what we see around us, through celebrities and even friends and family. We also just get stuck in our ways and are fearful to try something new.

Why is it so important to find your Style? 

The real benefit of finding a Style that is right for you is for two reasons: Confidence and Comfort. When we stray away from our true Style, we begin to feel uncomfortable and can start to feel a bit lost. When you know and understand your style, you will shine. You will look more confident, feel more confident and be more confident. We have all heard of the phrase “Mutton dressed like lamb” and really what this comes down to is knowing your style, shopping for your style and sticking to it.

So follow these simple Tips to finding yours:

  • Find a role model or Menagerie – Identify somebody that has similar colouring and body shape to you. You will probably need to have two separate people. Make sure they are also of a similar age to you.
  • Create a Mood Board – Cut out pictures from magazines, internet images or Pinterest – This is particularly useful if you aren’t sure what your style is. You will find some examples on our Pinterest board here:

  • Write down words that describe your images – Romantic, Casual, Natural, Classic, Artistic, Colourful – This will help you to pinpoint some looks.
  • Look at 2 of your favourite items of clothing – Why are they your favourite? Is it the colour/Style/Cut? There is normally a good reason why you like them. Make sure you use whatever the reason is when you are constructing your moodboard.
  • Focus on the things you are most confident with – If its your legs, emphasis these with a pair of skinny jeans or choosing lighter/brighter colour trousers and skirts to draw peoples attention to this area. Use darker colours to disguise the areas you aren’t so happy with.
  • Find out who makes your style – This is one of the biggest areas we help women with – There is little point in popping into Jaeger if you don’t have a classic style – Think of shops that sell your style and stick with them. The sign up to their newsletters and stalk them on facebook! You want to be in the know for all their sales and new season launches.

If you would like any help with any of these areas, these are all covered in our ‘Style consultation’. Please contact us for more information at or take a look at our website:

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