New Mums – How to Look and Feel Amazing

Pregnancy bump pic

“65% of Women with young kids claim to be unhappy about their bodies.”

I recently became a mum for the second time and it has not been any easier second time around to deal with my Wardrobe issues: the same wardrobe issues that every Mum faces. What can I wear that can be thrown on in a few seconds, be comfortable and yet still allow me to feel vaguely like a normal person!?

Nobody really tells you what is inevitably going to happen in the days after having a baby to your body! Yes we all know about the Bridget Jones style pants that will continue to fill our underwear drawers for the next 5 years but what about the feeling that somebody has stolen our body!

So what is a post baby diva to do?

Here are my top tips to looking and feeling fabulous after having a baby:

Tip 1 – Darker colours will help to make an area appear smaller so whether it be your boobs or your tummy area, stick to darker shades. This is equally important to disguise milk stains/baby vomit/your own dribble stains after falling asleep watching daytime tv with your baby. If you are to wear Black, add some colourful accessories to stop you looking like a cat burglar!

Tip 2 – Fabric – Think about swapping the cotton t-shirt for lighter floaty fabrics. They can make you feel 10 times sexier as they glide over your mummy lumps and bumps. Also great to wear a chiffon style top over that plain boring strappy breastfeeding top.

Tip 3 – Invest in a Changing bag that doesn’t make you feel too mumsy. We all start to loose a bit of our identity when we become a Mum. Buy a large bag that allows you to throw all your baby items in but also makes you feel like you.

Stella and Dot "Keep it in the bag" Stella and Dot “Keep it in the bag’

Tip 4 – Use tankinis when swimming with your little one to give you extra support and to cover up the “mushy bit.” We all get it, we all have it, ,lets learn to love it!

Tip 5 – Wear Narrow Stripes – Many people think that strips widen you but if they are small enough they have the opposite effect.

Mint Velvet Navy & Grey Stripe Tee
Mint Velvet
Navy & Grey Stripe Tee

Tip 6 – Invest in the Celebrity loved SPANX! It doesn’t need to cut off your blood supply but just to give you a little extra support around your tummy and hips. I felt so good in mine I sometimes slept in it!

Tip 7 – Dry Shampoo – This is a MUST for the bathroom cabinet. A quick spray and its like you have given your hair the Vidal Sassoon treatment! Because every mum is worth it!

Tip 8 – Plan in advance your outfit – Now I know this seems like a big ask but before you fall into bed, grab a pair of jeans a top and a nice necklace out of the closet ready. It may take up a few minutes of your pre-bedtime routine but trust me it will take you a whole lot longer when your baby has decided to have a marathon feed and you need to get out of the house quickly.

Tip 9 – Accessorise – Its all about the scarves and jewellery. Think about how you can transform your outfit with just some simple accessorising. Throw on a Long necklace of you want to create length (Illusion of slimmer lines) or a bright short necklace if you want to draw attention away from other parts of your body that you may be feeling less confident about.

necklaces to neckline

Tip 10 – Keep your skin looking good – Keep your eye make up remover, cleanser and face cream by your bedside. It’s then within reach and accessible at anytime.

Tip 11 – Learn about Good Nutrition – What you feed your body plays a vital part in how you feel on the inside and out.

Tip 12 – Embrace your flaws – Your body has been through some major changes and therefore it is inevitable that some of these changes will be permanent. I always think of my C Section scar and stretch marks as my War wounds. Focus on how much more fulfilled your life is with your kids. As much as we want to tear our hair out sometimes, they have proven that you can never love anybody else with as much love.

My final note – Take time for yourself. It is important to remember that as well as being a Mum you are an individual, a truly unique amazing and sexy woman. It may be tough to get to grips with a new body-shape but it is important to be true to yourself. If you were a runner pre baby, invest in a second hand running buggy. If you were a Yoga enjoyer, join a Baby Yoga class that you can enjoy with your baby.


-How do you feel about your body confidence after having a baby?

-What did you find the most difficult to adjust to after becoming a mum?


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